Athletics Southland

For more than a century the province of Southland has had a very proud history in athletics. Over this time we have evolved a philosophy of not thinking that athletics is just for children, seniors and masters; we think of it as… 

Athletics for Everyone”

Everyone means everyone – be you a young athlete or a grandparent just there to support someone or having a go yourself we try to plan all our events for you.

From the very start Southland has been not only fortunate to have some of the most talented athletes in the country but also some of the most successful and highly qualified coaches as well but like all sports we are always looking for more athletes and coaches.

Too much, you don’t want to compete; you don’t want to coach; why not get involved as an official.

There is always a need for more helpers and officials. Let’s face it; officials have the best view of the action.

Whether you are supporting, competing or helping, here’s to a successful Southland season for you, your family, and club.


Southland Marathon results on the Results page


21 Senior B twilight (stpl)

29 Senior A plus pentathlon (long hurdles)

30 Waverley Shield 2 Prog B


5 St Pauls War Memorial - note 1pm start (ce camp chch) 

12 Senior A (stpl)

13 Waverley Shield 3 Prog A

18 Snr programme B twilight (long hurdles)

26 Modified snr programme (hand times)

27 Waverley Shield 4 Prog B at Gore

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