If you like running, keep going right through the winter by joining your club’s harrier group. There is not only cross-country but also road races events to compete in.
Cross-country running is good for you. All track athletes, even sprinters will benefit from winter running. 
Cross-country without doubt builds strength. It helps to develop leg strength through the hill work and the extra effort needed in soft conditions. It also builds core stability, (strength in hips, pelvis and lower back) improving your running posture, technique and efficiency.
The very nature of cross-country forces frequent changes in pace and effort, a skill often required in middle distance races.
For the track runner, the most important benefit is aerobic development.  In other words, you use the cross-country season to get fit enough to train seriously and harder for the next track season.

Of course there’s another reason for running cross-country  it’s fun!!!

Runners who stick to the track are like swimmers who always swim in a pool and have never experienced the fun of the surf.
Getting out and running freely in the open air over natural terrain is one of the joys of being a runner.
And so what if you’re not brilliant at it - as long as you acknowledge that the cross country season is part of your build up and the main goal is the summer you’ll find it not just worthwhile, but beneficial.

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